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Yahoo and

I dont know if this is happening to all the yahoo uses, but whenever I log into my yahoo mail, I get this very big ads from
There comes these photos of some aunties with text like,
“Hi I am Sunita Kulkarni, music teacher. I cook. I wash. I iron clothes. I belive in God. I am shy. I will look upon my husband as God.”

Almost makes you believe that there is life after marriage.


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MTech student commits suicide

Flash News.

Ettimadai, Coimatore: An MTech student in Computational Engineering and Networking commited suicide today by jumping in front of the Taylor series expansion.
A Taylor series is a series expansion of a function about a point. A one-dimensional Taylor series is an expansion of a real function f(x) about a point x = a is given by

The poor student died instantly as a term of the Taylor series somewhere close to infinity passed over his skull.

Officials are yet to to determine if this was caused by the careless Calculus teacher who was not able to properly convey to the class what the Taylor series actually meant.

The CIDs from Tamilnadu and the CBI conducted 3 dummy tests. The results of the test were
1st dummy to wall – 12 feet
2nd dummy to wall – 8 feet
Dummy to Dummy – 6 feet

According to CID Ramdas and Vijayan, this indicates a clear case of suicide.

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First lessons in MTech

This is my second week in the MTech course. Eventhough the technical side of my brain is struggling with the whole “BIG PICTURE” idea, I was able to experience a lot of different personalities and perspectives.

First of all there is my HOD. A really brilliant, talented and widely respected character. During the first class, I asked him a doubt regarding how to visualise vectors.
After explaining some concepts, which was punctuated by my frequent “oohs”
he looked straight at my face, paused as if to create an effect and asked me to bombard my brain!!!! I was shocked. There was a 5 minute silence where we both looked at each other…. surely my brain is not so pathetic. Hey I have 90% in my sslc and predegree. My hurt ego was able to utter a feeble ” Excuse me sir ?? ”
At length my HOD explained… ” You should bombard your brain with the concepts and ideas.”
I feel better now.

According to the local people here, the cauliflower grown inside the college campus is called college flower.

Then there is my classmate Sachin. There is never a dull moment with him. He made a very intelligent observation about all the theories in science and maths. He explained to me in his Mumbai hindi….
” Dekh Shiv, yeh jo sab theories hai na… Yeh sab paap ka aulat jaisa hai ”

Seeing my puzzled expression he graciously offered to explain the theory in detail.

The theory is an analogy of bastards and their illegal children.
There will always be some bastards in the society. They have all the fun.. and in the process leave behind illegal children. Then they walk off or die leaving the children behind.
So now the society has this children.

Similarly, the scientists are the bastards who have fun with science and leave back theories as illegal children. Eventually, they happily die away and we are stuck with the children.

That is Sachin’s “Paap ka aulat” theory.

After listening to him, all I could say was:
” How intelligent you are….
Like a diamond in the sky…..”

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A brief look at my new life.

About my new life as an MTech Student.

There is this small adjustment factor. I am still not on the correct learning track.
There are only 12 people in my course. Most of them are just BTech freshers. Then there are others who are lecturers in the college.
Guess what, there are some people who take this course as their PhD !!!!
Can you believe that ??? I have a classmate who is around 40+ and he is doing the same course as his PhD !! Dont ask me why or how. I still have not figured out that part.
But it is said that in the IIT, they follow this syllabus for PhD.
( That is wonderful hosting!!!)
The only consolation is my friend who has promised to teach me everything. But I am not sure if he will get time for all that.
(Which is even more wonderful hosting !!!! )

The college is a truly beautiful place. Around 400+ acres. It takes a long time to walk from my lab to the hostel. Most ppl here have bought bicycles.

There is no ragging as all ppl here are interested only in studies and stuff like that. I am talking about the Mtech and PhD people. I guess the MBA guys are a lot more cooler.

There is a music and photography club here and I am planning to join them. But I am not sure if I will get time for those as my sir is very strict. He will not allow the students to go home on weekends because he believes this is the “padikkanulla prayam.”
( Now thats the real “prayathinte prashnam” )

About my collegues:

The room next to my lab is a place where they are doing a project worth 2 crore.
The cabin next to mine is my teacher whos subject is partial differential equations. So obviously I cannot speak to her. She only understands maths. I dont think she speaks any other language.
2 cabins after mine is a person who is in the same course as I am but is 1 year senior. He is doing a project for ISRO – vibration analysis of space crafts.
At times I ask him if his space craft is stable. He looks at me with a serious expression and does not reply. I wonder what that is supposed to mean. Gives me vibrations at times.

There is this NPOL project that is coming that is about locking targets for submarines. If things are going the way it is, then there is a high probability that they might use me for target practice. And knowing my collegues and faculty members, I am sure they will blow me to vaccum in the first test shot no matter how hard I run.

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New Life, New Horizons

Oh man

I wrote huge blog here about my college but this thing showed a internal server error when I posted.

That is soo bad.
I dont think I can type all that again.

Anyways I am back to studies now. Mtech in Computational Engineering in Amrita Institute of Technology, Ettimadai.

People say college life is fun. I think I will wait for 2 years before making any comments.

But quite frankly I have nothing to complain here. The place is good, the facilities are excellant, the poeple are nice.

Also there is the bus to vallikkavu on weekends. And of course there is a dedicated net connection and Pearl Jam:

Little country store
with a sign tacked to the side
Said ‘No L-O-I-T-E-R-I-N-G Allowed’
Underneath that sign
always congregated quite a crowd
Take a bottle, drink it down, pass it around
Take a bottle, drink it down, pass it around
Take a bottle, drink it down, pass it around

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