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First lessons in MTech

This is my second week in the MTech course. Eventhough the technical side of my brain is struggling with the whole “BIG PICTURE” idea, I was able to experience a lot of different personalities and perspectives.

First of all there is my HOD. A really brilliant, talented and widely respected character. During the first class, I asked him a doubt regarding how to visualise vectors.
After explaining some concepts, which was punctuated by my frequent “oohs”
he looked straight at my face, paused as if to create an effect and asked me to bombard my brain!!!! I was shocked. There was a 5 minute silence where we both looked at each other…. surely my brain is not so pathetic. Hey I have 90% in my sslc and predegree. My hurt ego was able to utter a feeble ” Excuse me sir ?? ”
At length my HOD explained… ” You should bombard your brain with the concepts and ideas.”
I feel better now.

According to the local people here, the cauliflower grown inside the college campus is called college flower.

Then there is my classmate Sachin. There is never a dull moment with him. He made a very intelligent observation about all the theories in science and maths. He explained to me in his Mumbai hindi….
” Dekh Shiv, yeh jo sab theories hai na… Yeh sab paap ka aulat jaisa hai ”

Seeing my puzzled expression he graciously offered to explain the theory in detail.

The theory is an analogy of bastards and their illegal children.
There will always be some bastards in the society. They have all the fun.. and in the process leave behind illegal children. Then they walk off or die leaving the children behind.
So now the society has this children.

Similarly, the scientists are the bastards who have fun with science and leave back theories as illegal children. Eventually, they happily die away and we are stuck with the children.

That is Sachin’s “Paap ka aulat” theory.

After listening to him, all I could say was:
” How intelligent you are….
Like a diamond in the sky…..”


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