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Schrodinger V/S Dharmendra

There is this friend of mine from Mumbai. I call him Dharmendra, cause he has a huge body… spends all the time in the gym and he starts every alternate sentence with ” Ma kasam” or ” Teri maa ki…”

I have often imagined old Dharamendra or Dharam for short getting up in the middle of our calculas class and shouting ” Chup raho Sirr.. Nahi to ma kasam mein tujhe maar daloonga…!!”

Well.. something similar to that happened and I nearly died of laughing.

It all started with our Quantum Mechanics class. The professor started with the basics and moved over to the dangerous Scrodinger wave equation. It was obvious that we were not understanding anything.
The merciless professor then rudely plucked out an electron from a Helium atom ( in theory of course) and put it in a box. He then began applying the Scrodinger equation to the electron. The poor electron was soo terrified that it gave out soo many equations for its momentum and radiations…
The black board was filled with all kinds of equations and the electron was screaming bloody murder. It was a ghastly sight. If Medha Padkar was present in our class, she would have immediatly started an “Electron Bachao Andolan” and would have fasted till the electron was released and given back to the poor helium atom.

Two hours after the class, all of us were sitting in the canteen discussing what each of us understood over a cup of tea. When it was old Dharams turn to explain, all us looked at him expectingly…
He paused, took a long breath and said.

“Schrodingerrrr….. Teri ma ki aisi ki taisi !!!!”

To be honest, that actually summed up the whole 2 hours of Quantum Mechanics.

This is what I found at a website:

I don’t like it and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it.
Erwin Schrodinger commenting on Schrodinger’s equations

That confirms the “Paap ka Aulat” theory.


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