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In search of Meer

My soul longs for the journey
To the place free of liberties

I am only happy in that town
Where I can feel Her nearness

Among these hollow stone gardens, I find no joy
My desire to travel makes me move towards Her….

O Mother, with eyes like the petals of blue lotus
I offer unto You whatever is left of me.

Yaaron mujhe muaaf rakho, main nashe mein hoon
Ab jaam do to khali hi do, main nashe mein hoon

(Friends you must excuse me, for I am intoxicated.
If you must, give me an empty glass, for I am intoxicated.)

Ya haathon-haath lo mujhe maanind-e-Jaam-e-ma’ay
Ya thodi door saath chalo, main nashe mein hoon

(Either take me hand-in-hand, as you would a glass of wine
Or walk a little distance along me, for I am intoxicated)

Gham se zara najaat mili bekhudi mein aaj
Ab mera intazaar karo, main nashe main hoon

(Got a little relief from sorrow, in being drunk today
Now you have to wait for me, for I am intoxicated.)

After tasting Divine Love, neither earthly wine, nor the kiss of the courtesan, nor the ritual of prayer has power to move one.

Complete shayari can be read here:


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I have been spammed

Hurrayyyyyyyyy…………. I have been spammed today!!!

Having worked in an internet support company for 2 years, I have been used to starting my day with well over 10 unread mails in my inbox and a couple of spams. After I joined for MTech, nobody seems to be sending me mails :(. I guess I am an internet addict cause I feel very weird when I dont get mails each day.

I have not received mails for a long time now. As a side effect I suffer from extreme depression and a feeling of loneliness. Also I have this feeling in my stomach when I have not eaten for a long time. And I always tend to sleep with m eyes closed. Oh.. things were really getting difficult.

Just when I thought that the end of the world had come and was preparing to kill myself by jumping in front of the internet traffic, I was spammed. Oh sweet lord I was spammed. It was kinda big spam. Some guy in the US wanted me to download and watch free movies. A movie download from the college lab is painful, but I dont care. I was spammed and thats what counts. One of my friends said that the movie downloader is a virus, but I need not worry cause the virus is activated only on Windows 98. I am using Windows 2000. But I dont care. I was willing to manually delete all my files for him and reply:

Hello Spammer,
I am happy to say that your virus has worked on my system and has successfully deleted all the files. I am unable to paste a screenshot for your verification cause it deleted Microsoft Paint too.

Have a nice day.

Hey spammer, if you are reading this I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU. I feel needed again.
Suddenly all things are looking bright and beautiful. Long live the spammers.

Epilouge: I uninstalled all spam assassin software on my machine. I am planning to start a “Save the Spammers; Give them some love” movement in my college. As a first step, I am going to open the local college server to all the spammers in the world.

Peace and Love.

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