I have been spammed

Hurrayyyyyyyyy…………. I have been spammed today!!!

Having worked in an internet support company for 2 years, I have been used to starting my day with well over 10 unread mails in my inbox and a couple of spams. After I joined for MTech, nobody seems to be sending me mails :(. I guess I am an internet addict cause I feel very weird when I dont get mails each day.

I have not received mails for a long time now. As a side effect I suffer from extreme depression and a feeling of loneliness. Also I have this feeling in my stomach when I have not eaten for a long time. And I always tend to sleep with m eyes closed. Oh.. things were really getting difficult.

Just when I thought that the end of the world had come and was preparing to kill myself by jumping in front of the internet traffic, I was spammed. Oh sweet lord I was spammed. It was kinda big spam. Some guy in the US wanted me to download and watch free movies. A movie download from the college lab is painful, but I dont care. I was spammed and thats what counts. One of my friends said that the movie downloader is a virus, but I need not worry cause the virus is activated only on Windows 98. I am using Windows 2000. But I dont care. I was willing to manually delete all my files for him and reply:

Hello Spammer,
I am happy to say that your virus has worked on my system and has successfully deleted all the files. I am unable to paste a screenshot for your verification cause it deleted Microsoft Paint too.

Have a nice day.

Hey spammer, if you are reading this I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU. I feel needed again.
Suddenly all things are looking bright and beautiful. Long live the spammers.

Epilouge: I uninstalled all spam assassin software on my machine. I am planning to start a “Save the Spammers; Give them some love” movement in my college. As a first step, I am going to open the local college server to all the spammers in the world.

Peace and Love.


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