A Rainy Sunset

This one was taken with the other evening rain photo. I deliberatly wanted to get over the B&W addiction. B&W can hide your flaws and make your picture look classier.

When the sun goes behind the majestic western ghats, the whole campus is bathed in pale yellow. You forget time and you feel like you are part of a big painting, a painting that streches about 400 acres. I am standing in front of the college taking shelter from the rain. The sky looks vast with light blue blending into golden yellow near the towering mountains. Anamala hill stands proudly with its head high in the clouds. There is so much beauty and so much detail that suddenly you feel insignificant. The whole creation silently looks at you and you feel so insignificant. You are reduced to nothing but a helpless observer, a beat poet who has neither the rhymes nor the metaphors to describe the unveiling of nature in all its glory.


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