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Fedora Core 7 And Kubuntu

I installed Fedora core 7 today. That too on top of my favorite Kubuntu Edgy with Beryl. It was a painful decision, but I did it. If that did not convince you of my fascination with the new FC7 then I guess you can stop reading right now and go away from this page.

I was a Red Hat fan for a long time. I was also using RH at my work place and thats when I really fell in love with it. It was only when my good friend Sajith TS introduced me to Ubuntu that I started using it. I ordered a couple of CDs from shipit which they delivered promptly in a couple of weeks. They also included some stickers along with the CDs which was really cool. What really impressed me, besides the spirit of Ubuntu, was the amazing user community. Ubuntu forums are full of nice people and you are assured a response when you post into the forums. The huge package lists along with the dependable and stable apt-get and synaptic package managers are truly fabulous.

So then what prompted me to switch back to Fedora. First of all, let me admit, it was the look and feel. FC7 is simply beautiful. Ubuntu is good too but somehow the human theme does not work for me and I am far too lazy to configure all that. Also, FC7 has almost all the packages on the DVD. My net connection is slow and I cannot apt-get everything from the net. The idea of having GNOME + KDE on my machine also sounded good. I am basically a KDE fan, but GNOME is looking good these days. You can of course install GNOME on Kubuntu or KDE on Ubuntu, but then you need a decent internet connection for that.

All said, I am a very happy man now. After installing FC7, I wanted to celebrate by listening to some good music. But alas, FC7 does not have mp3 support because of licensing issues. If you are also one unhappy Fedora user with the same worries, then I can help you. More precisely, Ross McKillop can help you. Just follow his instructions here and you are good to go.

So now I am listening to songs and gazing at my beautiful screen. But I still missed something from my old Kubuntu. I still wanted my windows to wobble when I moved them, and burn when I closed them. I wanted to rotate my desktop like a 3D cube. I still missed bery. Thats okay, there is always yum to the rescue. I opened a new konsole and did the following:
yum install beryl

Behold! My Linux is yet beautiful again. Who needs windows vista. But then they are all trying to copy the Mac look. Steve Jobs got it right a long time back, though he did lose the PC wars.

Disclaimer: I am not stating that FC7 is better than [K]ubuntu. I heard that the new release Fiesty is amazing. These are just my personal opinions. I just happened to like FC7 more.


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