Interesting Google facts

This is regarding some interesting articles I found about google.

Its not just courage or wisdom, but you also need a multi million dollar company says things like ” If we don’t have any of these mistakes, we’re just not taking enough risk. ” Shona Brown is the person behind chaos by design, or is it design by chaos. This is an interesting article about how Google is managed.

Not everything is perfect. Not even Google. This is an inside look at google culture. Read about the microsoft interview of a former google employee here.



  1. sajith said

    Shiv saar! Why are you creating a new blog every five months saar?

  2. stuntmanshiv said

    Koodum kottum illatha pravasiyude yaatra…
    Vellaram kallukal urukunna oru venal pakal enne wordpressil ethichu!!

    I dont know… I kinda like wordpress.
    Besides I dont feel like writing much these days.
    I read your blog though. Wonder how you get so much to write.

  3. sajith said

    Eh? Wonder what makes you think I got so much to write.

  4. stuntmanshiv said

    @sajith: I dont know man. You make stories out of your cartoons, guided tours, wet posterior of devotees.
    Thats cool.

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