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Pep Talk

Mentor: I know your problem, you think too much.

Me: My profession requires me to do that.

Mentor: You should be like the birds in the sky. They neither sow nor reap. There are always free.

Me: My boss is like that, a bird in the sky.

Mentor: Really?

Me: Yeah, he keeps dropping shit on people’s heads.

Mentor: Session ended. I don’t think you have to come back next week.


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For whom the Dell tolls

I got a laptop. A brand new Dell E1505. Okay, its not classy, its got this old box type look with a dull silver color. Not like the Sony VAIO laptops, so dark red, it makes you think you are holding a strawberry basket.

But this is a good configuration. It works fast, nice response and a very very beautiful screen. Vista home edition runs with a decent speed. Fedora core 7 is awesome(Linux always is). I have to try the Mac OS too 😉

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