For whom the Dell tolls

I got a laptop. A brand new Dell E1505. Okay, its not classy, its got this old box type look with a dull silver color. Not like the Sony VAIO laptops, so dark red, it makes you think you are holding a strawberry basket.

But this is a good configuration. It works fast, nice response and a very very beautiful screen. Vista home edition runs with a decent speed. Fedora core 7 is awesome(Linux always is). I have to try the Mac OS too ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. sajith said

    Congratulations Shiv saar. May the fart be with you.

    (Mac OS on Dell laptop? I’d like to learn more from the saar.)

  2. stuntmanshiv said

    Thank you saar.
    About Mac OS, you must have heard of the OSx86 project. I have not checked it, but a guy in CISCO confirms that it works beautifully on Intel systems.
    But it does not support all hardware, so you got to see from the site if your hardware is supported. Its approximately 4GB of download ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Check out these sites:

  3. Sojish said

    Ask Amar ……. and he would say
    “There are only two types of people in this world”
    1. People who owns a Apple MacBook
    2. People who dont.

    I’m of second category and someday I’ll move to the first one .


  4. stuntmanshiv said

    @Sojish: Mac can now be hacked to run on Intel chipsets. Just go through the links above, and you will no longer need a MacBook. Better still, Linux can be made to look like Mac. Just install Baghira and beryl. I fooled a lot of my friends with that. You have the GUI of Mac and the power of Linux. I think thats the coolest part.
    All good things in life are free – Peter Norton
    Besides Mac is just a piece of over priced hardware.

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