Pep Talk

Mentor: I know your problem, you think too much.

Me: My profession requires me to do that.

Mentor: You should be like the birds in the sky. They neither sow nor reap. There are always free.

Me: My boss is like that, a bird in the sky.

Mentor: Really?

Me: Yeah, he keeps dropping shit on people’s heads.

Mentor: Session ended. I don’t think you have to come back next week.



  1. lol…

  2. a3r0smith-j34l0us said

    i’m mailin the link to s0m !! muhahaha… now it will only be me !!!

  3. stuntmanshiv said

    @a3r0smith-j34l0us: Don’t bother. I will never stand a chance with you around, and you know that.

  4. stuntmanshiv said

    @a3r0smith-j34l0us: Remember I made a promise yesterday, at the railway station? I am sticking by that!

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