Flickr and Smugmug

Ok, so I don’t have a camera yet. But I have still managed to create quite a huge collection of photographs by begging cameras from colleagues, friends and students. They say necessity is the mother of invention. I don’t know about that, but I can tell you that necessity sure is the mother of shamelessness. Now that my colleagues avoid me, and students would rather prefer failing exams than lending me a camera, I am left with nothing to do other than organizing my “priceless” photo collection.

I was a firm believer that we don’t need corporates and websites to manage our data. A hard disk crash, two machine transfers and umpteen windows installations forced me change my perceptions. I need some place to back up my stuff.

Do you like choices? I think the world would be a simpler place if everybody had just one option. I was always uncomfortable with choices. Perhaps it must be because a question of choice has no perfect answer.
So will it be coffee or tea.
Will you take it with milk or no milk.
Will you have 2 cubes of sugar or three.
Shall I install Fedora or Ubuntu.
Do you need Gnome or KDE

And now I am faced with one more dilemma:
Shall I upgrade my flickr account, or should I purchase a smugmug account

Led Zeppelin says:
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.



  1. geo said

    I’d once read a piece by Scott Adams in his blog where he wrote about the power of choices. Perhaps there’s some truth to that.

    I had to transfer a lot of pics from Y! Photos to flickr when they closed down. They Pro’d me for 3 months and now I’m stuck. There’s no way to download all/a lot of your pics in one shot. Led Zeppelin nu athu parayam.

  2. stuntmanshiv said

    Yes sir. It seems, according to Scott Adams, I am having decision paralysis.
    And then there was no dot com boom when Zeppelin was singing that.
    Hmmm….. It makes me wonder!!!

    But check this out, smugmug is asking for $40 for a one year account. Flickr is giving away a pro account for $25. Thats roughly Rs.1000 per year. I guess thats okay, considering they let you have unlimited uploads/bandwidth. I lost a lot of photos when they took away my old hard disk. I guess this is a nice way to permanently archive your images.

  3. Shall I install Fedora or Ubuntu? Opensuse 🙂

    I would recommed buying a USB HDD … It is easy to carry and packs up quite a lot of pics. Do not take the ones which need an external powersource.

    Your photos are too good to be lost because of an HDD failiure.. And too good to be cropped and saved in flickr…

  4. stuntmanshiv said

    We have an external HDD here that we share. The ones without the external power source is awfully expensive. Besides they will be more prone to crashes.
    I don’t crop on flickr.You can permanantly archive your hi-res images, and flickr can convert them to a lower resolution for display purpose.

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