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White Dove Remix (Feat. Grey Dove)

So we have a new network administrator. One BOFH kind. And the first thing that he did was change all the networks to class B (I wonder why) and block Gmail, and chat programs.

So we installed a back up system based on older technologies.

Modern Communication Engineering

Grey dove
Fly with the wind
Take my chat under your wings
For the world to know
That GTalk will not die
Where the proxies cry

<Message START>
Na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na na na na
Na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na

SEND: Disconnect packet: Invalid packet header.


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Life is …

I was walking towards my lab when I saw pilgrimhawk howering around in Lab 2. Its been quite some time since I talked to him. There was this long pongal vacation, and when everybody chose to go home, I reluctantly stayed back. I never wanted to stay back. I wanted to go some place. Some place far, but near enough so that I can come back on time to prepare for my classes. But that did not happen. Sometimes I can’t decide if I am lazy or just too tired.

I walk into the lab and he greets me with his friendly wave calling out “Shivankuttiyeeee….” Now here is a man who has been bitten time and again by the travel bug and the shutter bug. So I wondered aloud as to what he might have been doing during the Pongal break. He tells me he spent a quiet time with his family.
“And what about you Shiv.” I did not have much of a great time in college and thats exactly what I told him. “Sometimes, I think I need a break.”
“So, who is stopping you from taking a break” he asks me.
“I was planning to go to Pollachi and shoot some wildlife.”
“Did not do it this time. Thats ok. Maybe I will go there during the next holiday break.”
He looks at me without saying anything. Uncomfortable silence.
I quickly add “I am sure planning to go next time, even if nobody comes with me.” Some how I feel this is a better response.
In a sudden pensive mood, he tells me “You know Shiv, a friend of mine always used to tell me that life for most of us is a postponement!”

It did not hit me then, but after I walked out of the lab, that final sentence hit me like a brick wall. Sometimes certain simple words can become a powerful mantra. Sometimes certain simple words become meditation. Sometimes certain simple words reveal so much it forces to look at your life from a different perspective.

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