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My resolve to go to bed everyday before midnight underwent a major reconsideration when my friend handed me a copy of Rock On. I watched it right through the night. Its good time pass and you can spend more time on nostalgia if you were part of a band in college. The songs are really good.
On a totally different note, Eddie Vedder writes beautiful poetry but refuses to share the meaning of his songs. According to him, music is personal and is viewed differently by different people. That being said:

Na na, na na na na
Na na, na na na na
Mere canteen ka ek bill, ek aadhi padi journal
Ek Phd guide ka phone number, national conference ka ek paper
Mere programs ki ek floppy, Mere class notes ki teen copy
Pichhale Saat Dinon Mein Maine Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main, Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya
Na na, na na na na
Na na, na na na na


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