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The Hound of Himesh Reshammiya

I have been observing my life for the past couple of weeks. After all, I am Ph.D scholar, and thats what I am supposed to do, observe and analyze. And since I do not have anything substantial to analyze, as my professor has been taking it easy on me for a couple of weeks, I thought its time that I start analyzing my life. Within a short time of introspection, I was convinced that something was wrong. I have been hardly using my camera. I almost forgot the fact that I had a blog. My life seems to be losing its vigor and color. If I was a Madagascar Penguin, I would have shouted “Kowalski, analysis!”. But alas! I am no penguin and so I will have to analyze this without Kowalski and his abacus.

What followed was a detailed logging of how I spent my entire day. After weeks of observation, I realized that my batteries are low right from the time I wake up. And though I don’t have Lymphosarcoma or leukemia, I live my life as if I am trapped in a tragic “Rajesh Khanna” movie. This is not good. I am too young and much too unimportant to be in this state. I need to find a cure.

And sure enough, a cure I did find. It was to fire my room-mate. You see, my unassuming room-mate is very found of plagiarized bollywood music and he like to play it real loud. So instead of giving me a cup of hot tea in the morning, he greets me with a full blast of his 5.1 surround sound. As a result, I find myself surrounded in all 5 directions (I have not figured out the .1 part yet) by a monstrous voice that goes “TADAPPU………. TADAPPUUUU….. TADAPPU HO TUM !!!!!!” which is followed by a long howl that resembles a dog in deep pain, which by some strange co-incidence, reminds of the time when I crashed my bike into a stray dog crossing the street. My room-mate tells me with deep conviction that the voice does not belong to any tortured animal, but to a human being called Himesh Reshammiya. For all you know, maybe this Himesh guy ran into a dog during his recording session.

Failing to reach an agreement on Himesh running into dogs when I am sleeping, my room-mate decided to shift rooms. Himesh does not trouble me anymore. I am a happy man. Life is back in full color. I sleep peacefully at nights and I wake up to sound of  students arguing on whose turn is it to buy soap and toothpaste. Life is back to normal. I even remembered my login to my blog.

I hope things stay this way.

P.S:  If you want to know what I had been going through, try imagining this  in 5.1 surround!!!


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