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Gayathri v/s Darth Vader

I used to laugh my friends and cousins who read “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”
I remember scoffing and feeling a sense of deep disdain whenever somebody talks about it.

And then I got married.

Don’t get me wrong, Gayathri is very sweet and is quite accommodating to my momentary bouts of insanity.(though I can’t shake off the feeling of coming closer to getting punched in the face at times…)
But there are times during our conversations, when I really feel that we are on totally different pages.
The most recent incident happened when I downloaded a wallpaper of Darth Vader from the internet. Gayathri has a strong disregard for English films, that I learnt the hard way when I tricked her into seeing “Wrath of the Titans (3D)” in place of “Housefull 2”. It was one of those silly mistakes that you always regret, but without which you would have never learnt those searing lessons of life. Coming back to Darth Vader, I always wanted to introduce the Star wars universe to Gayathri; but with my current quota on the number of English movies that I am allowed to watch, it will be close to a year before we reach “Return of the Jedi”. Being a teacher, I decided to introduce a fast track approach for introducing the topic by including star wars references in our daily conversations.
I decided to take it one step further by changing the wallpaper to starwars characters. And so I downloaded the Darth Vader wallpaper.
“Gayathri, this is Darth Vader” I shouted holding up my laptop for my wife to see.
“Who ?” She asked without taking her eyes off the curry she was making for dinner.
“Anakin Skywalker, he bought balance to the force” I replied. The fast track approach, you see..
“He does not have balace?  Must be a problem with his ear.” She is still working on the curry.
“No no, you don’t understand. Anakin was …”
“No, I understand perfectly.” She cut me off. ” My grandmother had this problem of losing balance all the time. We took her to the doctor. He said it was because of the fluid in her inner ear.”
“It is not that balance I am talking about. Its the force, light side and dark side… Remember I keep telling you?”
“Bilateral vestibulopathy” She shouts back at me.
“What ?”
“The condition is called Bilateral vestibulopathy”. Gayathri is also a biomedical engineer, among other things.
“Aargh… we are talking about Anakin Skywalker. He did not suffer from any condition except severe burns on planet Mustafar.” My patience is completely lost now. But I am determined to do this.
“Don’t you remember Gayathri ? About everything I told you about young Anakin ?”
I saw her look up from the curry.
“Well, I don’t remember exactly!” I could sense a feeling of guilt in her voice. Looks like I can push her to watch the movie today itself.
“Shivetta…” she suddenly called out,
“Did he come for our wedding reception ?” She asked curiously !


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c25k: W1D1

So yes, I too am hooked up to the c25k running program.

Downloaded the c25k podcast. Did not get much sleep, so I was up and running by about 5 in the morning. Completed day 1 of week 1 with a very very v e r yyy  slow pace.I have to log my run next time. Was trying out the Nike + GPS app, but it did not work somehow.

Feeling very tired now. Today is the beginning of first periodical exams for my students. I just hope I don’t fall asleep during invigilation.


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Testing Photos in the New Background


A farmer lost in thought in the Aloe Vera fields in Amrita University. I was actually required to photograph the harvest of Aloe Vera for documenting the ever increasing work of Center for Environmental Sciences in our college. I took it as a very good oppertunity to take some portraits of the farmers. Contrary to my assumptions, most people did not like being photographed and so I had to stand a good distance away from them while taking pictures. I ended up cropping almost all of them, and so there goes my chances of taking a high resolution print.

I applied a warming filter on this picture as an after thought in Photoshop. I need to hire someone to tell me to stop when I overdo post processing.

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HDR Sunrise

For 2008,

Maut tu ek kavitaa hai
Death, you are a poem
Mujhse ek kavita ka vada hai milegi mujhko
A poem has promised to meet me

Doobti nabzon mein jab dard ko neend aane lage
When the pulse sinks bringing sleep to pain
Zard sa chehra lekar jab chaand ufaq tak pahunche
When the moon raises her yellow face to the horizon
Din abhi paani mein ho, raat kinaare ke kareeb
When the day is still in the water, and the night waits on the shore
Na andhera na ujaala ho, na abhi raat na din
Neither darkness nor light, When there is no more night or day
Jism jab khatm ho aur rooh ko jab saans aaye
When the body expires, but the soul still breathes
Mujhse ek kavita ka waada hai milegi mujhko
A poem has promised to meet me

Until Dec 2009, Happy 2009.

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Writer’s Block

Okay this is, I think, the fourth time that I have begun writing on something. This time I am finished to determine it. I mean, I am determined to finish. You see, I am not even correcting mistakes now.

The recent turn of events have left me with no time at all. So suddenly, when a Sunday decides to show up with no people in the campus, I must admit that I am stumped all of a suddent with what to do.

I don’t know what to do.

And I dont have anything to write.

I guess I will go sleep now. So much for creativity.

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My resolve to go to bed everyday before midnight underwent a major reconsideration when my friend handed me a copy of Rock On. I watched it right through the night. Its good time pass and you can spend more time on nostalgia if you were part of a band in college. The songs are really good.
On a totally different note, Eddie Vedder writes beautiful poetry but refuses to share the meaning of his songs. According to him, music is personal and is viewed differently by different people. That being said:

Na na, na na na na
Na na, na na na na
Mere canteen ka ek bill, ek aadhi padi journal
Ek Phd guide ka phone number, national conference ka ek paper
Mere programs ki ek floppy, Mere class notes ki teen copy
Pichhale Saat Dinon Mein Maine Khoya
Kabhi Khud Pe Hansa Main, Aur Kabhi Khud Pe Roya
Na na, na na na na
Na na, na na na na

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Doodle Doodle

Its been three days now, or maybe a week. I dont’t really know, but Floyd has been asking me these same questions again and again.

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
Blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

Three days before the college opens I have shift the entire programming course from Java to C.

Cold comfort for change?

And guess what, I get a message thats supposed to come around two hours later.

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found? The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

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